Warning strike at CARIAD

High participation of workers in the first warning strike in CARIAD's collective bargaining movement

02.02.2023 | In the first warning strike in CARIAD's history, 250 employees in Berlin and 1200 employees across Germany stood up for their demands. Despite a slight movement recently, the employer's offer remains behind the conditions at the other group brands of Volkswagen. Apart from that, the employees continue to protest for a uniform profit-sharing scheme.

Fotos: Peter Achmus

Britta Berlet

"We demand that all Caridians will one day work under the same conditions. That‘s why we want the profit sharing for all And because we are convinced that we deserve it! Because we influenced the success of the Volkswagen Group, we are an essential part of the value chain!“, emphasises Britta Berlet, Chairperson of the Works Council of CARIAD Northeast and member of the IG Metall negotiation team

There is support for the demand not only from the other group brands such as Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche, but also from IAV, whose works council chairperson Tanja Schneider was a guest at the warning strike: "The profit-sharing you are demanding is exactly right and justified from our point of view. Because you are the ones who generate the success, who generate the turnover," said Tanja Schneider on behalf of the IAV employees.

This was also reflected in the high turnout at the warning strike. "For many of us a strike is something completely new, the first strike ever in their lifes. And that makes me even prouder to see you here today, so many people, that‘s great!", says Britta Berlet. Thomas Weber also emphasises that the high level of participation and commitment of the CARIDIANS has already led to the first successes: "This is your success!" he says. "Because you took to the streets, because you said in the information rounds that this is not how it works, the employer has made improvements."

Most recently, the employer has removed restrictive footnotes from his offer and is moving closer to the area's collective agreement in terms of duration and inflation compensation premium. However, CARIDIANS continue to be disadvantaged compared to other group brands. In addition, the employer continues to categorically reject the demanded advance payment and only offers a commitment to talk about profit-sharing from 2025 onwards.

Von: Peter Achmus/ Thomas Weber

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