Our Mission Statement


We are convinced that the future will be worth living. We, the honorary and full-time officials of the Berlin branch of IG Metall, work every day to achieve this goal for the IG Metall members in our city.

Together, we develop our own answers to the urgent questions of our time. One of these central questions is the shaping of the transformation of the working world. We advocate for a transformation process that is shaped by people, for people. We stand up for a digital and ecological transformation that leads to a socially and ecologically sustainable economy, which we as IG Metall members democratically codetermine, for the sake of our members, our children, and future generations. We advocate for secure and well-paid jobs. We will not leave our future to other actors or the rules of the free market. That is why we strongly advocate for a democratic working world in which the interests of working people are enforced.

In the companies, we unite as IG Metall members to have a say in shaping work. Secure jobs and apprenticeships, fair working conditions, the right to codetermination, qualifications, and professional development are not given to us as gifts. As IG Metall, we are the specialists for codetermination in the companies. Because we have the structures and networks, the knowledge and experience, to develop paths together to positively shape and change our living and working conditions, our future.

Only when we are well-organized in our companies and branches can we achieve our goals. Together with colleagues, we strengthen our workplace power, talk to employees about their interests, identify issues, gain majorities, and carry out actions to achieve our goals. All employees are cordially invited to join us. From experience, we know that we must take care of ourselves, our future, and the future of Berlin. In doing so, we encounter resistance and deal with conflicts. We know from our history that resistance can be overcome when we are many and determined to stand together.

With 2.26 million members, IG Metall is the largest free trade union in the world. In Berlin, we already unite several thousands of them. We are growing and aim to have more than 35.000 members by 2023 and more than 40.000 members by 2030. This requires our daily commitment and steady engagement. We do this, because with an increasing number of members, our possibilities for shaping increase. As the Berlin branch of IG Metall, we will be able to represent the interests of Berlin's employees even better in the future, be it in the workplace, in collective bargaining and in our city's industrial policy.

We stand for equality, tolerance, and participation, fair working conditions and compensation, and the compatibility of work, family, and voluntary engagement. We live practical solidarity. We focus on our strengths, our ability to assert ourselves, and we handle our resources responsibly. In doing so, we take responsibility as works councils, youth and apprenticeship representatives, trusted persons, activists, or full-time officials.

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