CARIAD collective bargaining 2022

Our demand: 8 percent more and profit-sharing for everyone

04.11.2022 | The bargaining committee has met twice. After long, intensive debates, the demand for the upcoming salary bargaining has now been determined: 8 percent pay increase and profit-sharing for all employees, including a first instalment in 2023.


CARIAD employees supported their negotiating commission

23.01.2023 | 200 members of IG METALL at CARIAD supported the negotiating commission at the start of the 2nd round of negotiations on January 20th, 2023 in Berlin and emphasized their demands. In front of the entrance of CARIAD in Helmholtzstrasse, speakers from all regions reiterated the necessity of the demands, read out messages of solidarity from the Volkswagen shop stewards in Wolfsburg, among others, and clearly showed that there is a broad will among the workforce to receive a profit-sharing bonus for all in addition to the 8 % pay increase.

Tech Conference

Succesful Tech Conference

06.10.2022 | For the first time, around 70 employees met on September 30 for the Tech Conference at the IG Metall building in Berlin. The Berlin Tech Workers Coalition, ver.di and IG Metall jointly invited them. The conference attendees are primarily English-speaking works council members and activists from Berlin tech companies. The goal of the conference was to build networks, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Works council elections done right

5 good reasons for sustainable organizing

01.09.2020 | A thoroughly prepared works council election is a marathon, not a sprint. Find out here why building power is worth the wait.

Tech employees reach out to the IG Metall Berlin

„Beyond quitting“ – Employees at Babbel elect a works council

13.03.2020 | After a new CEO took over at Babbel, the first order of business was to fire a large amount of employees working in their Berlin Mitte offices. With a works council in place, these massive layoffs would not have been possible. Coming to this realization, a group of Babbel-employees reached out to the IG Metall in order to establish a works council.

For a strong voice in the IT- and start up-sector

IG Metall – FAQ for tech workers

15.01.2020 | Many imagine start-up-companies as laid-back workplaces. The reality often differs from that stereotype: more and more employees in the Berlin start-up and tech-bubble are complaining about increasing workloads and mass layoffs. A lot of questions regarding working conditions and their improvement are directed at the IG Metall, spefically from tech workers. The IG Metall Berlin provides answers.

For better working conditions:

IG Metall – The strong community

20.11.2019 | We bring together over 2.2 million employees from the areas of metals and electricals, iron and steel, textiles and clothing, wood and plastics, crafts and services, information and communication technology. There are plenty of good reasons for being a member of IG Metall.