CARIAD: Employment security until 2029

27.03.2024 | In February, the employer and IG Metall signed a collective agreement on job security at CARIAD.


Fair and Just. The new IG Metall fee structure

27.02.2024 | As a result of the changes made to the statute during IG Metall congress (“Gewerkschaftstag“) last fall, there is a new fee structure, which is applied since January 1st.


Caridians protest job cuts

14.11.2023 | More than 200 employees of VW’s software division CARIAD protested the threat of layoffs.


German labour law & works council constitution act - basics (BR I)

01.11.2023 | Works councils can achieve a great deal. To do so, however, they need to be familiar with a wide range of issues. We support them in this with our comprehensive and modern training program.

Tech & IT

Nice to meet you! We´re your union.

12.10.2023 | Things are happening in the digital economy. Works councils are being established and collective agreements concluded. IG Metall has a lot to offer for employees in the industry. A strong union voice is also important in the current discussions about the future of remote work.

Shop Stewards

“For me, the human component is important.” Portait of an IG Metall shop steward at CARIAD

13.09.2023 | Cindy Fasanya is an IG Metall shop steward at VW software-brand CARIAD. She started in 2020 and joined IG Metall after a short time. As a shop steward, she wanted to stand up for others. Together they achieved their first own collective agreement through warning strikes.


Tech Workers Conference in Berlin is now open for registration

25.07.2023 | On 13-14 October 2023, the second Tech Workers Conference will take place.

Save the date

Tech Conference 2023

06.07.2023 | Berlin´s second Tech Conference takes place in october. Save the date, share the news.


"Very good deal". At ASML in Berlin, the new company collective agreement comes into force in July.

28.06.2023 | As of July 1, employees at ASML Berlin will benefit from an in-house collective agreement. A joint press conference of IG Metall and ASML provided information about the agreement.

Holiday Pay 2023

With Collective Bargaining Agreements, workers get more vacation days and more in their travel funds

22.06.2023 | Vacation finally. Employees in companies covered by collective agreements have a clear advantage here. With a collective agreement, they get not only more days of vacation, but also an extra bonus for the travel budget.

Impressions from re:publica

19.06.2023 | At the internationally renowned fair, we continued our survey on working conditions among tech workers and gained new insights into the state of digitalization in various areas of society.

15% more payment for Tech- and IT -workers

22.05.2023 | Workers in the sector of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with collective agreements earn on average almost 15 per cent more than those in companies without collective agreements. At the same time, their average working hours are lower.

Frau mit VR--Brille.

Why the metaverse needs works councils

15.05.2023 | The word sounds like science fiction. However, the effects on the world of work are real: The "metaverse" is a new place of work and a new work tool. In this interview, Detlef Gerst and Vanessa Barth (IG Metall headquarter in Frankfurt/Main) talk about opportunities and risks - and why the metaverse should not be a space free of co-determination.

Atos and Unify

Warning strike at Unify Berlin

19.04.2023 | Before the 4th negotiation about the inflation compensation bonus, 45 colleagues of Unify in Berlin stopped work to support the IG Metall negotiation commission. Today, IG Metall is negotiating for the fourth time about an inflation compensation bonus with the employers of Unify, science+computing and Bull.

Survey: Please participate!

Communication - how do we reach even more employees?

27.03.2023 | Today we are launching a survey that focuses on the communication and information behavior of members and non-members as well as on the image of IG Metall Berlin. We are focusing in particular on our colleagues in the digital economy, the so-called tech workers.

22nd IG Metall conference of non-production workers

Together we shape change!

16.02.2023 | The change from industry to information economy is changing the meaning of "office work" and requires new working methods - the opportunities and challenges that arise from this were discussed by 320 active unionist at the 22nd IG Metall conference of non-production workers from February 12 to 14, 2023 in Willingen. The focus was on employee empowerment and the question of how IG Metall can continue to be diverse and effective in the future.

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