German labour law & works council constitution act - basics (BR I)

01.11.2023 | Works councils can achieve a great deal. To do so, however, they need to be familiar with a wide range of issues. We support them in this with our comprehensive and modern training program.

(Foto: Joachim E. Röttgers)

As a works council member, you must take the initiative to represent your interests and those of your colleagues. This requires a sound knowledge of laws, ordinances, accident prevention regulations and collective agreements. You need to know how to apply regulations under works constitution law. And last but not least, you need the will to assert yourself.

The seminar will encourage you to use your rights. You will learn about the requirements, circumstances and effects of the various instruments of co-determination and get suggestions for improving your own modus operandi.

BR I serves as an introduction to our training series for successful works council work.

The seminar takes place from 22. - 25. january 2024. The registration deadline is 7. december. For further information see the invitation. 


  • Tasks of the works council and position in the company
  • Rights and duties of works council members
  • German labour law & works constitution act
  • Basics and principles of participation and codetermination rights and its enforcement
  • Principles of works council decision making and participation of employees
  • Conduct of business of the works council
  • Participation-oriented works council work
  • Information and public relations work of the works council
  • Tools of participation-oriented works council work
  • Works council consultation hours (sec. 39 WCA)
  • Complaints procedures according to sec. 84f. WCA
  • Staff surveys
  • Organizing and planning of the quarterly works meetings (Sec. 42ff. WCA)


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