Atos and Unify

Warning strike at Unify Berlin

19.04.2023 | Before the 4th negotiation about the inflation compensation bonus, 45 colleagues of Unify in Berlin stopped work to support the IG Metall negotiation commission. Today, IG Metall is negotiating for the fourth time about an inflation compensation bonus with the employers of Unify, science+computing and Bull.

Striking employees at Unify (Foto: Thomas Weber)

IG Metall has demanded an inflation compensation bonus of 3,000 euros for the employees of Unify, science+computing and Bull. The employees have demanded the bonus from their employer in light of the rising cost of living. After three negotiations, the employer's offer is still not agreeable.

Deputy Works Council Chairman Michael Schellmoser stated, "This conflict is not just about the justified claim for payment of the inflation compensation bonus at a company where the financial figures are always gladly presented beautifully, but when it comes to employee concerns, the pockets are turned inside out and a sad face is put on." Atos is currently negotiating the sale of Unify to Mitel: "Particularly in view of our future acquirer Mitel, a clear signal must be set here for compliance with collective bargaining obligations."

Starting at 11 a.m., employees from Munich, Stuttgart, Tübingen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and other locations joined together for a video conference. "It's great to see how many colleagues have responded to IG Metall's call for a warning strike," said Juan-Carlos Rio Antas, negotiator for IG Metall. "This supports us for today's negotiations."

Negotiations between employers and IG Metall began at 12:30 p.m. and are still ongoing at this hour.

Created by: Thomas Weber; Daniel Gamer

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