CARIAD: Employment security until 2029

27.03.2024 | In February, the employer and IG Metall signed a collective agreement on job security at CARIAD.

Protest action at CARIAD on the occasion of the negotiations on the key issues paper. (Pic.: IGM)

(Pic.: IGM)

It is our joint success and an expression of solidarity in action: the collective agreement for employment security was signed by the employer and IG Metall in February 2024. This means that there will be no job cuts for operational reasons at CARIAD until the end of 2029!

In October 2023, we learned from the press that the Executive Board was planning to cut 2,000 of the 6,500 jobs at CARIAD. Many of us were shocked and angry - both about the management's plans and the way they were communicated.

Works councils and confidants, together with IG Metall, responded quickly with information events. Large banners were displayed in all regions: „job cuts? Not with us!“
Colleagues joined IG Metall and took part in protests. This strengthened the negotiators from the works council and IG Metall.

After many days of negotiations, the employer, works councils and IG Metall agreed on a "key issues paper on the transformation of CARIAD" shortly before Christmas 2023. In this document, the employer waives the option of early termination of the existing collective agreement to ensure job security. This rules out job cuts for operational reasons until the end of 2029.
This agreement from the key issues paper has now been incorporated into a legally binding collective agreement.

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