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IG Metall – The strong community

20.11.2019 | We bring together over 2.2 million employees from the areas of metals and electricals, iron and steel, textiles and clothing, wood and plastics, crafts and services, information and communication technology. There are plenty of good reasons for being a member of IG Metall.


Together with our members we campaign for good working conditions, fair remuneration, job prospects, secure jobs, employee participation and democracy in the workplace. Our services are embedded in the IG Metall statutes and all our members can make use of them, i.e. legal protection, assistance in the event of strike, assistance in the event of disciplinary measures and lockouts.


IG Metall – Facts and figures

•over 2.2 million members

•present in over 14 000 companies in 30 sectors

•runs over 155 local offices in 7 regions of germany

•has 52 000 IG Metall works councils

•over 142 000 active officers and

•over 2 000 regular employees

Better with tariffs

Collective bargaining is one of the trade unions’ most important tasks. It is a means of safeguarding and improving the social and material standard of living for employees. Our collectively negotiated wage agreements tariffs have been setting standards since 1956.

Beside that IG Metall has scored a number of victories and milestones:

•shorter weekly working hours,

•annual holiday of 30 working days,

•continued payment of wages and salaries in the event of illness,

•entitlement to be taken on after completing an apprenticeship

Works councils

Works councils participate in business decisions – to the benefit of the workforce. From five employees in a business, a representative is elected. This is stipulated in the Works Constitution Act.

That’s the works councils job:

  • ensuring that everyone is treated fairly in the company,
  • making sure that the collective agreements are adhered in the business,
  • examining the company’s balance sheet and securing jobs,
  • managing employee data protection,
  • participating in decisions on workplace design and work progresses,
  • promoting compatibility of family and employment

IG Metall makes works councils fit for their jobs. We train elected councils in legal, social and economic matters and support them in their daily tasks.

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