Impressions from re:publica

19.06.2023 | At the internationally renowned fair, we continued our survey on working conditions among tech workers and gained new insights into the state of digitalization in various areas of society.

Marlene Engelhorn from "taxmenow"

From June 5 to 7, re:publica, Europe's largest conference for the digital society, took place in Berlin. We were there to reach out to tech and IT workers and continue our study on their working conditions and communication behavior.  

Work-related topics were clearly present in the huge trade fair program - certainly no coincidence with the topic of "cash". Representatives of the IG Metall trade union also took part in discussions on several panels and contributed critical positions. The relevance of co-determination in companies was always emphasized, especially under the most modern working conditions. Vanessa Barth (IG Metall headquarters in Frankfurt/Main) put it in a nutshell at the end of a panel discussion on AI: "The difference between being right and getting right is quite often a trade union."

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