CARIAD employees supported their negotiating commission

23.01.2023 | 200 members of IG METALL at CARIAD supported the negotiating commission at the start of the 2nd round of negotiations on January 20th, 2023 in Berlin and emphasized their demands. In front of the entrance of CARIAD in Helmholtzstrasse, speakers from all regions reiterated the necessity of the demands, read out messages of solidarity from the Volkswagen shop stewards in Wolfsburg, among others, and clearly showed that there is a broad will among the workforce to receive a profit-sharing bonus for all in addition to the 8 % pay increase.

Fotos: IG Metall Berlin

“Offer” with *asterisk

At the second round of negotiations in Berlin on the CARIAD house collective agreement, there was no rapprochement. Of the three demands made by IG Metall, namely an 8% pay increase and profit-sharing for all, including an advance payment, the employers only agreed to two points.

The “offers” on the two demands fell far short of the expectations of the union side and were qualified with footnotes and “fine print”. Negotiation leader Juan-Carlos Rio Antas states: “Currently, we cannot see the solution corridor if the employer side does not take the demands of the colleagues seriously and tries to let parts fall under the table.”

Details will be provided to all IG Metall members at CARIAD on “Tarif Tuesday,” on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 12 noon. Invitations to this have already gone out via Outlook. Members who have not yet received an invitation can contact us at thomas.weberdon't want spam(at)

Von: Thomas Weber

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